Referral Bonus


After logging into the user account, go to “Member Center” →  “Referrals”. Members can choose Referral Link or QR code to promote and refer other players to JILIBEE which will be their direct players. 

* New members need to input the Referral username of the referring member during the registration process.


How it works: 



1. Referrer Conditions:

    • The referrer (the person who referred the new member) must reach VIP Level 3.

2. New Member Conditions:

    • The new member (the person who was referred) must meet the condition of having an accumulated deposit amount exceeding ₱500 within 7 days after registration.

3. Bonus Amounts:

    • If both conditions are met, the new member receives a bonus of ₱77. The referrer receives a bonus of ₱117.

4. Crediting Time:

    • The Referral Bonus is automatically credited to the members after 12 p.m. on the day following the fulfillment of all conditions. 

5. Withdrawal Conditions:

    • The bonus can only be withdrawn after reaching the 1x valid bet.


For example:  

New member registered on Oct. 19

New MEMBER Total Deposit Amount is ₱600 on Oct. 23

Referrer is at VIP Level 4 on Oct. 23

On Oct. 24 after 12 p.m., 

New member will get ₱77 with 1x valid bet.

Referrer will get ₱117 with 1x valid bet.


Terms & Policy:

  • To ensure the rights and interests of our members and fair gaming, promotions are limited to one per user, phone, bank card or account, IP address, residential address, and device.
  • JILIBEE will immediately and strictly prohibit members from receiving any bonuses and profits in cases of arbitrage or fraudulent activity.
  • JILIBEE reserves the right to withdraw bonuses and profits if members abuse the site by creating multiple accounts or engaging in arbitrage or fraudulent activities to exploit identical offers.
  • All promotion and house rules apply. Members who click to apply for a bonus are considered to have accepted all the terms and services.
  • JILIBEE reserves the right to alter, cancel, or clarify any and all terms of any offer at any time without notice.